Words are important- Stop saying Yes, Urgent and Busy

Vocabulary informs thoughts, thoughts inform beliefs, beliefs inform actions, actions inform outcomes. Yes, Urgent and Busy are three of the most dangerous words to use.

  • Yes – Every yes, is a no to something else. Spending a yes somewhere means, costs you later. Learn the to say no.
  • Urgent – Everything is urgent, why, because that is when the person is thinking about it now. Urgent and current get confused. Finding ways to prioritise and stay focused helps.
  • Busy – Busy is a mindset, it shows a lack of control of one’s time. Using it is a badge of honour, an easy exit from lack of planning and focus. I prefer to use words like productive or focused. Leverage being lazy.

Test stopping using one or all of these words for a week and see what happens.

What other words should we stop using?

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