Why are Clinton and Trump even the candidates? – This is not about them, but us.

It was 1 December 2012, I should have been nervous, I was visiting Chichen Itza a mere 3 weeks before the Mayan’s had predicted the end of the world. The media was going crazy about it. I noted to myself that the locals had not cancelled the tour, surely if they truly believed it was the end of the world, they wouldn’t spend their last few weeks taking a budget tour around the site (unless they were sourcing sacrifices? – should I be brushing up on the rules of Pitz?).

On the way from Cancun we stopped off for a tour of some local production techniques, including TEQUILA! The salt, lemon and tequila were there, I knew what to do. Lick the salt, take the shot, follow up with the lemon, the Mexican way! But no, the local producer showed me the real Mexican way, salt on the lemon, take a bite, keep the salt and lemon in your mouth add tequila, swirl and swallow. Wow, that was much easier and a more pleasant experience. As if anticipating my question, he immediately explained – “I don’t know where the other way came from, is it Hollywood?”

So what I understood to be true was challenged, but I digress, back to the end of the world. We were touring the massive Chichen Itza site, I looked in amazement, as the guide explained the precision and astronomical and celestial alignment of the pyramids. I began to ask questions and once we had developed a bit of a superficial relationship, I finally asked my real question “So, what’s with the end of the world?

He took a moment, not sure how or even if he should respond. I wondered if I had been to abrupt, but he didn’t looked annoyed, more reflective. He answered with “Our calendar lasts 65,000 years. We believe in cycles and our calendar supports this, like seasons and we are coming to the end of a 2,000 year one.

So, what does that mean?

Well, in my opinion, it means people will think differently, their perspectives will change.”

I had completely forgotten about this adventure, until the US Election kicked off, so circling round to Trump and Clinton and for that matter we can include Sanders. What is common is that they are all very different from the previous US presidents (Typically White Relatively Centre Conservative Protestant Male) so they represent an alternative. Not necessarily the ones that I would chose, but like trying clothing on at the store, we are probably going to try on some that are clearly not a fit. We are also going to buy ones that don’t fit, but we like for some other reason and on occasions there will be buyers remorse.

But it is not limited to #USElections2016 but also #Brexit, #COP22, #FeesMustFall and on and on. It is demonstrating people are seeking a change. Looking for more to life, to existence. They do not feel the sense of belonging they once did through patriotism, tribalism and religion. We as a society are more isolated and yet connected than we could have ever conceived of. With the exception of the last 100 years, never in history would people (other than the super wealthy) have their own bedroom let alone flat, at the same time we can now connect to someone in Timbuktu in seconds. It is all very overwhelming, with the rapid increasing pace of change.

It is so exciting, we are the cusp of a world of Progress to a world of Abundance. This won’t be straight forward and there may need to be dramatic shifts in the way economies operate to deal with Climate Change (Jason Hickel) and we are likely to see the Monetary System (Brett Scott) evolve. It should be very positive, but it is by no means straight forward. The first step is to accept change as inevitable and the next step is to work with it to a more socially progressive and inclusive outcome. Are you preparing your mindset for the change?

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