The Vaccine – Drive with your headlights on

My fiancée works on the front line,  she rotates through Emergency Units (mostly Covid), Dedicated Covid Wards, and High Care (also dedicated to Covid these days). People are sick. I hear firsthand about young, relatively healthy people who are dying. They are dying alone, the family cannot visit them for risk of spreading the disease, they can’t talk on the phone, as they need to be ventilated, the staff are too stretched to give them the attention and dignity that should be given to anyone in their position. These are the fortunate ones, the ones who can get a bed.

They are sick. They are dying. They are alone.

For me, Covid has disrupted my life enough that I have scheduled my doses of the vaccine as soon as I could. I have not been able to engage with people and visit loved ones overseas, otherwise, I have in general, been only relatively mildly disrupted, at least compared to most people.

I find it perplexing that we still have so many people who are hesitant or even against getting vaccinated. It feels like a punch in the gut. It feels self-absorbed and ill-informed, people who think it is about them, as it is their choice.

I for one, will not feel comfortable around people who are not vaccinated. The best analogy I think of is driving with your lights on. It’s safer for you, and crucially safer for other road users, safer for users who do not have lights – like pedestrians, school kids crossing the road. If it is not enough to prioritize your safety, then do it for others.

When I am fully vaccinated (early next month), I will still be able to get infected, I am largely protected and my immune system will fight it. I might get mild symptoms, it will extremely unlikely that I will be admitted to a hospital, and virtually no chance that I will die. But, I could then put other people whose health is compromised at risk.

This week I have helped persuade 3 people who were hesitant to get the vaccine. They had heard a lot of misguided bits of information, this is covered elsewhere with more authority than I can give, because, I am not an expert. I have shared below some of the data and resources that I shared with them.

I believe that I am informed and open to changing my mind, which gives me some confidence. I could be wrong, but the balance of evidence that we have does not seem likely. I have come to realize the more absolute someone is in something that is unprovable and certainly can’t be disproved, then the less credibility I give them.

I realize that getting the vaccine is not (only) about me and I for one, choose to drive with my headlights on.

Vaccines don’t work


A country with very low vaccination rates.

Death follows infection

A country with very high vaccination rates

Death does no longer follows

The Vaccine does not cause death – Most who get it, were already infected or got infected before their immunity built up. Some people have a reaction for a short period as their immune system revs up to be able to fight the disease.

The vaccine does stop death or at least signficantly reduces it –

There is so much misinformation out there

We need to open ourselves up to the scientific method.

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