The War of Art

As part of my reading for my Personal MBA, I am documenting the key lessons I learnt from The War of Art. It is not intended to be a summary or review, rather a reflection of how the book has influenced my thinking.

Resistance is self-generated, from within. It is stopping us fulfilling some dream or purpose. Paradoxically, resistance is a compass pointing to our true North, as it forms where we should be heading. It will rallies strongest at the end, threatening to cause us to give up just before we succeed.

“Most of us have two lives. The Life we live, and the  unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance” 

Resistance will sabotage our starts and it seek allies, in the form of things like procrastination and friends, who are fighting their own resistance.

As we overcome resistance, we realise that success is a by product of work, not a result. So we need to:

  1. Show up everyday
  2. Show up no matter what
  3. Stay on the job all day
  4. Be committed for the long haul
  5. Know the stakes for us are high and real
  6. Master the techniques

The Self wishes us to create, evolve. The Ego likes things the way they are. The Ego means we have a very real fear that we will succeed, this is often stronger than the fear of failure. If we fail, things remain the same.

We were not born to be anything we want. I do not believe in fate or destiny, not to say they they are not real, just I don’t give them much thought, because whether I do or do not, the result is the same. I prefer to see us as having potential and our job on this planet is to fulfil our potential as best we can. To do this we need to overcome the resistance holding us back.

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