Case Study – Solar and Sea Water to a Battery to Electricity and Fresh Water

Race for Water - Copyright Peter Charaf

As I complete my Personal MBA in the Circular Economy, I am exploring and building my inventory of practical ideas that could or have been commercially applied. Ideas that target Circular Systems, Energy, Water, Waste and Wealth – ideas that focus on using the waste of one process as a valuable input to another.

Ships are not part of the Paris Climate Change agreement. Cruise and cargo ships are massive CO2 emitters. This is madness given their impact.

There is a solution. This has been proven, it is not theoretical.

  1. We use solar panels to extract hydrogen from sea water.
  2. This hydrogen is stored – a battery – a battery much lighter than lithium, which would cause the boat to sink, of course. Hydrogen is the lightest element and this increases the energy storage by a factor of 6.
  3. We then use the hydrogen to generate electricity through a fuel cell.
  4. The by-product. Fresh drinking water. There is no need for desalination!

Could this same principle be used for cities? Create a buoy out in the ocean?

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