How to Leverage Social Media for New Business

How to Leverage Social Media for New Business

Social media was once just a small piece, but is now effectively a slang term for “the internet”. Nearly every platform, from news to online television, to traditional “social media” sites, are in fact, social, each allowing users and fans to comment, share, like, and more. The internet as a whole is getting more social, and making users more connected as a result. In true marketing fashion, it’s only a matter of time until marketers exploit these platforms, finding advertising and money-making opportunities at every turn. In the space between new, innovative platforms and those that have been ruined by marketers, is where small businesses need to leverage to their advantage.

Where should you focus? 

Traditional social media platforms are the easiest to understand and utilise, including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, depending on the type and marketing style of your business. The best social advertising plan in the world today is Facebook, offering an incredible specificity in advert target markets for a relatively low cost when compared to old school tactics like television advertising.

With Facebook owning photo-focused platform Instagram, their advertising platform is also improving daily. When you consider an average television advertisement can cost upwards of $5,000, spending just a few hundred dollars a month to get your advertisement in front of your specific target market suddenly sounds darn good.

What aren’t you using enough? 

While the paid advertising product is quite good, many don’t take advantage of the wide plethora of free tools and features that each platform has to offer. Rather than just uploading a picture with a few lines of text, users can (and should) tag accounts that they’re mentioning, use locations, directly link to their website and more. Every platform evolves and grows every day, offering new ways to better link and interact with their customer. From Instagram and Facebook Live, to Facebook now offering a job board site, keep on top of each platform and make sure you’re using every tool at your fingertips.

Should you be consistent, or perfect? 

Yes, to both. The last thing that can’t be stressed enough is to focus on consistency rather than volume. Notice I don’t say quality instead of volume, as that’s obviously the main variable. However, in almost all situations it’s better to make sure you’re posting daily, if not multiple times a week, rather than taking two weeks to write out and plan the “perfect” post. Make sure your content is still high quality and aligns with your brand, however making sure you have a regular, consistent stream of content at the end of the day will contribute to viral capabilities and growth far more than that “perfectly written” Facebook post once a month.

The internet is evolving daily. With the likes of Snapchat releasing their IPO at a valuation of a mind-boggling $35 million (USD), there’s no doubt these platforms are here to stay. As they get better, gain popularity and marketing opportunities, they’ll only improve on their abilities to engage with your customers, and grow your small business.

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