The Paradox of Freedom – We need Rules and Structure

We want freedom to do what we like. We rebel against rules and structure, herein lies the paradox.

I see it regularly with one person businesses (such as dentists and electricians), freelancers and entrepreneurs, they chose this way of earning an income because they “can’t work for anyone else”, they can’t handle the set hours and structures that come with a monthly a salary.

What often ends up happening is they lose control, they ignore admin until they are being chased, they can be unreliable. They feel overwhelmed and rebel against structure more. They feel that there is always an overwhelming amount of stuff to do, often wheel-spinning in the process. They are never sure how long to spend on each activity. Unconstrained by the 9-5, they often end up working more hours and achieving less than they should given the effort.

They forget that being busy is not necessarily being productive.

Time is a vacuum, it needs to be filled. The space is fixed. We can only choose what we fill it with. By adding structure and routine, we are deciding what we do with our time.

We schedule in what we want to do and when, then get to do it, this is freedom.

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