How we can regenerate our Rainforests (We need to)

Deforestation has been occurring for hundreds of years. Ever since we gave up the hunter gatherer lifestyle thousands of years ago, we began the destruction. But never before on this scale.

How does nature take care of it –

There is a common adage, that light is life, this is not true, life emerges in the shade. It needs a pioneer species that defies ultra-violet. Unfortunately because we have done so much damage, it may require manipulation and intervention, but once we have ~50% coverage (shade), we then have cooler soil and water can penetrate the soil, when it is too hot it is like trying to pour water onto a hot pan. Without shade, we have create a heat pan effect, a barrier. The water can’t penetrate, it evaporates or even worse, washes away the top soil. Top soil is nutrient rich and also the biggest carbon sink on earth!

We return to physics, the temperature difference between soil, water and air determines the soil regeneration. It is the key, without it, nothing works. With it, nature will do what it needs to.

The water of life

Once you have a forest, you have drinking water. Water for the region, good drinking water in abundance and even increases in rainfall. With 3 litres of clean drinking water a day, add exercise through a bicycle for every person and we have a healthy population. In case studies, which have used this regeneration technique, local hospitals have had to be closed because of lack of customers.

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