On this page, we list what we recommend based on user experience, research and reviews. But things are changing all the time, so it doesn’t mean they are the best ones, but a great starting point. We may obtain commissions on some of these recommendations at no cost to you.

Start Your Private University

The reading of good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries – Rene Descartes

They say you are the average of the five people around you, the quickest and easiest way to improve this average is books and Podcasts. Reaching Aspiration targets education on subjects previously “under-served”, we love the concept of a Private University, where you target education that meets your own developmental needs. With the volume of knowledge out there, it can be difficult to know where to start, but don’t worry, we are here to help! So we have some of our favourites below.

Books and Podcasts

Subject Name Author Why We Love it
Business Book – Anything You Want Derek Sivers One of my favourite people. He showed me that I can run a business differently to the MBA textbook and still succeed. Check out the self narrated audio book.
Marketing Book – Brain Audit Sean D’Souza Explains that the target profile is more important than target demographic and how key risk reversal and social proof is.
Marketing Book – Growth Hacker Marketing Ryan Holiday Growth hacking is moving marketing towards the beginning of the product cycle.
Career Book – Zero to One Peter Thiel Valuable insights for anyone starting something new. Peter may be a bit contrarian for some, but so much can be learnt from his perspectives.
Life Book – Abundance Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler This should be a compulsory read for all. Society is in such a scarcity mindset, that the obvious solutions are not being seen.
Finances Book – FT Guide to Saving and Investing for Retirement Yoram Lustig The best reference we have found for UK Financial Planning. Probably a bit dry for most, but comprehensive and worth the money.
Personal Development Book – Mindset Carol Dweck A real game changer for challenging the hidden scripts we live by.
Finances Book – Money Master the Game Tony Robbins Tony got access to the true masters of the game.
Personal Development Book – Pebbles of Perception Laurence Endersen Simple, yet impactful. An easy but insightful read.
Personal Development

Book – School of Greatness

Podcast – School of Greatness

Lewis Howes Probably one of the most authentic people on the planet. Big fan.
Meditation Book – Teach Yourself to Meditate Eric Harrison Simple and complete. A great way to start your meditation practice.
Career & Lifestyle

Book – The 4-Hour Work Week

Podcast – The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss He has probably impacted more lifestyle entrepreneurs than anyone else on the planet.
Personal Development Book – The Compound Effect Darren Hardy A mentee of Jim Rohn. Jim seems to have mentored all of the great personal coaches of the current generation. These great coaches don’t promise quick fixes, but they do promise and deliver fundamental change.
Career Book – The Fred Factor Mark Sanborn It’s not what you do, but how you do it.
Equipment Kindle – Paperwhite Access 1,000s of books instantly. Store 100s ready to read. The back light allows reading in almost any conditions. One of our favourite parts is being able to highlight and collate our favourite parts.


Financial Service Providers

The only investors who shouldn’t diversify are those who are right 100% of the time – John Templeton

Everyone’s financial circumstances are different. So we cannot recommend what you should do, we have listed some of our favourite options for you to explore. One thing for certain is that it is your responsibility to be financially literate enough to work out what is best for you, whether that is working out your best investments or being able to distinguish between a great financial adviser and one that is not operating necessarily solely in your best interest.

Service Name Why We Love it
Digital Investment Manager – UK Scalable Capital Is this the future of investing? – It looks like the complete package – Aims to choose the most efficient funds, it has low fees, re-balances, diversifies and targets minimising risk. What’s not to love. Look at for the ISA release later this year. See our blog post 
DIY Investment Platform – UK TD Direct Investing Perfect for anyone wanting to take control and not get hammered by fees.
Pension Manager – UK Pension Bee By the time you are 30, you could easily have 3 pensions. These guys help lump them all together to be more manageable, probably lower fee as well.
Credit Score – UK Clear Score Finding out your credit score should be free and it finally is.
Fund Provider Vanguard In many ways revolutionised the Index fund market. Check out Lifestrategy funds. They could meet your criteria.


Other Great Service Providers

Nobody raves about average.

– Bill Quiseng

You may not love them, but we’ve had great experience with them.

Service Name Why We Love it
Travel – UK Holiday Pirates Looking for a great deal for that much needed annual leave . See our blog post 
Travel Momondo Generally the best and most comprehensive flight search tool. We’ve trusted them for years (occasionally wasting our time searching elsewhere).
Travel Seat Guru We are very hesitant putting this up, because if everyone is using it, there will be more competition. But this is a great tool to find the best seats available on your flight.
Travel – UK Head for points Maximise those airline miles and hotel points. The best resource by far.
Career – UK Milkround Been the #1 resource for UK Graduates for years now.
Other – Mobile Provider UK Three Three has won me over. For anyone who travels “Feel at Home” is AMAZING. Years ago their customer service was problematic, but they have really stepped up their game. We’ve been very impressed with my last few interactions.
E-Mail Marketing ConvertKit Such a cool bit of kit. Email marketing for professional bloggers.
Other – Domain Purchase & Server Host SiteGround Quick support (much needed for those IT challenge) and great value. Buy your domain and host in the same place, much easier to deal with technically.
Other – Coffee Pact Coffee Probably responsible for 20%+ of our productivity. Great product, delivered straight to our door and we love the ritual of brewing the coffee. Has saved us money in reduced trips to the Chain Coffee shops.
Other – Blue Light Filter f.lux Brilliant blue light filter for a Windows computer.
Other – Blue Light Filter Twilight Blue light filter for your Android phone. After trying a few, this was the ideal one we settled on.


Social Organistions

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill

At Reaching Aspiration we believe in making a positive contribution. We love others who do the same.

Service Name Why We Love it
Social Organisation 80,000 Hours There process allows people to have more purposeful and fulfilling careers.
Charity Cool Earth We love charities that have multi-faceted impacts. Cool Earth provides support to communities acting as a barrier for entry to rain forests, by supporting them in developing income generating projects.
Chartiy Bees Abroad We know bees are crucial for the survival of our plant. Bees Abroad supports communities in developing beehives as an income generator. Win-win.
Social Organisation Social Progress Imperative It is not a surprise that societies with greater social mobility opportunities are generally happier. As per their website – Measuring social progress, not wealth.
Charity Bulungula A rural incubator modelling itself on internally and self directed improvements in living standards. Why are there more of these?


For the most awesome FIRE directory check on Rockstar Finance.

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