Case Studies: Orange peels and the real cycle to work scheme

We have congestion, absenteeism and a premium on space. One company tried something new, they paid their employees to ride a bicycle to work. 100 parking lots, became 7. The extra space was worth 5 years pay. But also a healthier and more energetic workforce.

And then we come to the orange peel. First, we need to recognise that biodegradability has nothing to do with sustainability. It is like recycling, better is not best, it is not the best use. Reduce, reuse, recycle – in that order.

Every orange peel can become dish washing liquid and a toilet cleaner using a simple process.

1kg of Orange peels + 1 litre of water + 7 spoons of sugar + fermentation = amazing kitchen and toilet cleaner. Can even be adapted to wash clothes.

So why aren’t orange juice companies in the cleaning market?

Watch Gunter: 2:13:00-2:16:15

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