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What am I doing NOW – Inspired by my Digital MentorDerek Sivers


12 projects in 12 months:

After completing 12 in 12 challenges during my personal transformation, I am now working on launching 12 new things in 12 months – Zero to Live: – 12 Live in 2017:

Live in 2017: – 12

  • Publishing my first book (December) – Who Let Me Adult? – A Simple Graduates guide to Thinking Like an Adult.
  •  – Change is now – Industry Disruptors tell their stories.
  • Reaching Aspiration Academy (5 courses) – There are no short cuts in life, but there is a fast track.
  • Reaching Aspiration Blog (81 posts, 13 guest posts) – Real world ideas for the new generation of career and financially savvy, who are not content to have their lives defined for them.
  • Jamberjon – Silly, creative fun…Because no one likes it when you’re bored!
  • Personal Development Focus Plan
  • Life Accountability Coaching Programme
  • ClassUp.Online – For independent course providers to find affiliates and other support (BETA launch, currently getting a refresh)
  • Teachable Affiliates Directory – Directory for course providers to advertise and find potential partner affiliates. (Merged into ClassUp.Online)
  • Run a Marathon (Aug) – I took a break running for Dec, to transition to minimalist shoes, as I needed to work on foundation exercises. From January I’ve started building up again.
  • Digital Mentors  – Created an e-mail sequences for people who are new to the works of my Digital Mentors. Getting to know them intimately, like Napoleon Hill and his council. Starting with Derek Sivers.
  • Voice Coaching – To be a more captivating & engaging speaker

Pipeline for 2018: – 4

  • Quality Abundance – 2018 – By re-engineering production and consumption design – reduce (eradicate) waste, provide multiple positive cash-flows & provide a positive impact to the community
  • My personal MBA – Focusing on the Circular Economy
  • Why Didn’t They Tell Me – I could be better –  Based on the results of my challenges to be better. Case studies and insights into my transformation through 30 day challenges e.g. Learning to Sleep again.
  • Why Didn’t They Tell Me – My personal MBA  – Documented Case studies, methods and insights such as Finding an Online Niche – Documenting a 4HWW Muse Case Study – Following the Tim Ferriss Process (90% principles; 70% methods), as well as takeaways from other key books and sources.

After a period of self discovery in his early 30s exploring topics from Financial Planning to Meditation, Dave asked himself why he only now discovered some of the key critical ideas that lead to a happier, more purposeful, less stressful life. In short more successful.Why wasn’t this taught earlier? He had given away his time in his 20s cheaply. He is determined help others fast track their way to success through coaching, blogging and courses in the academy.He reads extensively and is coached by the best, this is coupled with life experience and degrees in Financial Economics, as well as being a Chartered Accountant.See what he is doing now -