Finding disgust – the moment that everything changes

I believe in habits, I believe that it is the consistent small steps along the road that matter, more so than the fork in the road.

There is a clear exception. The moment you turn around and go in the other direction. That moment of disgust, when everything changes.

For me, it was the morning when I was in such bad shape, that when I attempted to tie my shoelace, I couldn’t reach my foot. It was a moment of disgust and everything changed. I went on to lose over 20kgs.

For the Springboks, it was getting smashed by the All Blacks 57-0 in 2017. It was a moment of disgust and everything changed. They went on to win the next world cup.

For the All Blacks it was losing the quarter-final to France in 2007. Another world cup of going in favourites and losing, again. It was a moment of disgust and everything changed. They went on to win the next two world cups.

In the Art of Exceptional Living. Jim Rohn talks about a rich and successful lady – her moment of disgust was when she had to ask her husband for $10. He asked with accusation in her voice, what did she need $10 for. From that moment everything changed.

Change can be hard, sometimes we need to reach a point where we are disgusted with ourselves, we need to properly live and experience that moment, because that is when everything changes.

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