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The Problem

Reaching Aspiration is about getting people reaching higher, being better. Financial and Career wellness seems to be a taboo subject and we want to break the hidden scripts people are constrained by so they can reach their aspiration.

Formal education has not evolved fast enough to cater for the needs of adults in the working world. Reaching Aspiration is about striving to live a better, more purposeful life. Our purpose is to make success (whatever success is to you) easier and more accessible.


We will empower a new generation of financially and career savvy individuals through coaching, blog posts and accessible introductory training for people who are not content to have their lives lived for them.

Our Aspiration is for you to be able to say truthfully

  • I alone am responsible for my future
  • I am striving to be better each day
  • I am a producer, not a consumer
  • I know money is abundant, but time is not
  • Life is short, let’s do this

“The true measure of a man is not what he dreams, but what he aspires to be; a dream is nothing without action. Whether one fails or succeeds is irrelevant; all that matters is that there was motion in his life. That alone affects the world.” -Mike Norton

Dave – The Scholar

Reaching Aspiration was founded by Dave Colley. He has always been a problem solver. With a talent for taking a problem and seeking a simple, quick and effective solution.

After a period of self discovery in his early 30s, he asked himself why he only then discovered some of the key critical ideas that led to a happier, more purposeful, less stressful life. He asked himself – Why wasn’t this taught earlier?<- he had given away his time in his 20s cheaply.

So he became an evangelist for personal development. After watching the glossy eyes syndrome (GES), he knew he knew he needed a simpler, less intimidating way to get the message across. After much discussion, thought and challenges. Reaching Aspiration was born.

Sam – The Storyteller

The first co-evangelist to Reaching Aspiration is Sam Thompson. He is the perfect fit. He had zero interest in financial planning, he knew it was important, but had, well, other interests. That was until Dave started getting his feedback on content. When it started to hit home how important it was to start investing early.

Realising he had missed out on what probably would be ~£50k in his pension from one oversight, he has now taken action which is likely to be worth several hundred thousand pounds at very little additional cost now.

Sam’s talents lie in pitching the message to the target audience, so they go through the journey of discovery. He adjusts according to the recipient, rather than expecting them to adjust.

Amanda – The Analyst

Amanda has worked in research for over 10 years in a variety of industries. She holds a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) and a Masters in Mathematical Statistics from Rhodes University in South Africa. She has lived and travelled in multiple countries since graduating.

Amanda has worked in industry, academia and government. Previous employers include Gillette, Australian National University and the Transport Accident Commission.

She is passionate about good science and filtering out the truth from the noise, by challenging the common wisdom perceptions that people hold.

Reaching Aspiration’s Principles

  • Abundance – Is it about creating more?
  • Aspiration – Is it about being better?
  • Authenticity – Does it avoid manipulation?
  • Contrarian – Does it challenge the hidden scripts?
  • Curiosity – Does it drive interest in the material?
  • Focus – Does it grab and hold their attention?
  • Innovation – Does it foster thinking about things in different ways?
  • Inspiration – Does it create an emotional attachment with action?
  • Legacy – Will it leave a legacy we are proud of?
  • Purpose – Does it help align with their sense of purpose?
  • Simplification – Has it been simplified to be as clear as possible?
  • Stability – Does it foster a sense of comfort and reduction of stress?
  • Sustainability – Are the actions sustainable?
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