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Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, The Sharing Economy.

These are all the focus at the moment, the revolutions, the disruptors. There is another disruptor at play, one which little attention is being paid to, so far, the revolution of the last revolution. Li-Fi.

Wi-Fi is already archaic, we have put it everywhere. The future is Li-Fi, where information comes through light. Light being the fasted speed we have been able to measure. Light is attached to our greatest infrastructure we have created, the power grid. We could turn every street light into an information hub.

With Wi-Fi, there are lags even in something as small as a large conference room. The image of the person on the stage slightly behind the person on the stage. In the same conference hall there are 10s or even 100s of light bulbs and every light bulb has the capacity of a satellite at a fraction of the cost and without the lag.

GPS is accurate, but it’s still a few metres out, which is not good enough for a precise activities. With light, we are precise. The visually impaired can be directed to their chair and we are all visually impaired in a foreign land, a tourist no longer needs a translation, as they can individually be guided.

If we connect a unique IP connection to a tiny led lamp, we can have internet connectivity at the speed of light, versus the comparatively slow radio wave. There are also no limits to speed and frequencies available, radio is in the 1,000s, light in the billions. The laws of physics suggests we should communicate over light. This has been limited in the past, because of the heat of lights, until we invented LEDs. The LEDs chips still get hot, but getting better, quickly.

Li-fi turns the ownership of data around, no longer Google or Facebook will store our data for us, it is decentralised, we remove the middle man. So of course the holders of our data with the funds to drive Li-fi are not interested, those who have invested in 5G internet are not interested.

With zero radio waves, it is also healthier. It uses 80% less energy and is 200x faster than 5G.

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