Jamberjon – Drag #BoredKids away from their tablets

UPDATED – Jamberjon now has a challenger function, so you can challenge your friends to positive challenges.

If you have children, nieces and/or nephews and are worried about how much time they spend on their their tablets or phones. Tell them about Jamberjon. If you are worried their creativity is not being stimulated and developed. Tell them about Jamberjon

It is the intersection of the screen world and old school creative fun.

The idea started, when I was sitting in my sister’s lounge in New Zealand. My niece came and sat down near me. She opened a well decorated box… to add some context, she is probably more creative than the next five most creative people in the family combined….Brilliant really, at 12 only years old.

She took out a piece of paper and broad smile emerged, she got up determinedly, almost triumphantly. At this stage, I’m confused. So I ask what she is doing and she replied that she was going to find Hogwarts on Google maps. By then I was really confused.

So she then explained that she has a box of ideas for things to do when bored. I asked her what else is in there and replied that there are things like figure out what colour a smurf would turn if it choked or make up your own language. A couple of days later, I found her practising the new language she had created.

I loved the idea, it inspired developing creativity, something far too neglected in the classroom and stunted with the advent of TV and Tablets. It was so simple. I started asking more questions and testing ideas on how it could work as a website for all to enjoy. A few weeks later Jamberjon was live.

Tell them about Jamberjon.

Instagram: @Jamberjon

Phase two, which will allow people give positive challengers to other users will be launched soon.

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