More good or less bad decisions? – To make an impact on your life

Is it the good decisions we make or the bad ones we avoid that make the difference?

I am sure it’s both, like LxB to find the area of a rectangle. But which is the bigger one?

  • Losing weight, it’s not eating the celery, it’s eating less cake. – Less bad.
  • Getting fit, it’s doing exercise, not relaxing more. – More good.
  • Saving money, it’s not earning more, it’s spending less than you earn. – Less bad.
  • Growing wealth, is about finding smart investments, not (only) avoiding bad ones. – More good.
  • Sleeping better, its good habits and avoiding bad habits – Tie.

Of course, one leads to another. Losing weight makes it easier to get fit (and sleep better). Saving money makes it possible to grow wealth (and sleep better).

In the end, maybe it’s less important as to which is more important. Perhaps more important is recognising what is important to what you want to achieve, examining it from this angle helps, is it more good or less bad that is needed. Is it the addition of something or the subtraction that is more important.

Some tips:

  • Habits are, by their definition hard to stop and are easier to substitute or change.
  • By setting rules to help, rules can be a beautiful constraint, reducing choice fatigue.
  • Re-frame it positively, instead of I am not allowed to…it becomes… I am allowed to….

After a few years of my personal development philosophy remaining the same:

Prioritisation, focus, good habits and the impact of the compound effect.

I add a small tweak:

Prioritisation, focus, good or less bad habits and the impact of the compound effect.

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