Money. PANIC! The 7 Steps to controlling your Personal Finances

Do you understand the power of the Compound Effect?

Would you like to take an in depth look at what Sam learned and follow the journey with him? Learning when he is likely to need to complete a tax return. What red flags indicate a problem with debt. How to manage and pay debt off quicker. How he could improve his investment return 15 times, while dramatically reducing the chances of something going wrong.

Panic, intimidating, stressful, confusing. Can you relate to some or all of these feelings about money? Formal education seems to ignore money. When the retirement age was decided at 65, the average lifespan was 62. People had jobs for life, so your parents probably didn’t worry that much about it, although we imagine a lot are worrying about it right now. Reaching Aspiration presents topics in a familiar step by step practical way to ensure action is being taken.

Are you wondering if you should care now? Compound interest says you should. To show you how powerful it is. Say you bet 1p with a mate that your favourite football team would win the first game of the season. Your mate says sure, but let’s double the bet every game. You think ok, so 1p, 2p, 4p, 8p. Sounds good. Well do you know what you would be betting on the final game? Game 38 next May? Take a guess? £1.374 billion, with a “b”. While you won’t double your money each year investing, the point is that time matters. Compound interest matters, and it matters now. Use it or lose it.

Surely it’s less stressful for someone else to do it? What if I screw it up? Research has shown that the majority of fund managers don’t beat a simple index fund available to everyone for a nominal fee. Can you pick which one will? Will they do it the next year?


Will I actually know what to do? While it may take a long time to fully “get it”, we are confident you will take action, with action comes understanding. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, so you will need to do what is right for you. Sam’s journey is not advice on what you should do, it is a story to help educate, pique interest and do the hardest part, start.


Is it worth the doing? No, if you only do the course, the course is just information and for educational purposes. It’s the action which will potentially end up making you £100s, £1,000s, millions (?) from taking action. All that is contained in this course is also available in books (£5-£8 a shot and hours of reading). This will take considerably longer, what is your time worth to you? – Please note that it is targeted for the UK market, but the principles are transferable. Our first course taker found an estimated £50k lost to his pension.

Module 1Money. PANIC! Introduction
Lesson 1Join Sam as he starts his journey towards Financial Literacy
Module 2Money. PANIC! Taking Action
Lesson 1Step 1 - Understanding Why and Collecting Information
Lesson 2Step 2 - Income
Lesson 3Step 3 - Taxes and other deductions
Lesson 4Step 4 - Savings and Spending
Lesson 5Step 5 - Debt
Lesson 6Step 6 - Investing
Lesson 7Step 7 - The Plan
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