Mind. FULL!ness to Mindfulness

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Tired of your Mind being Full. Feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed?

Join Sam as he goes through a series of simple exercises and mindset shifts to lead him towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life, with better quality sleep, relationships, and peace in his quest to reach his aspiration.

While mindfulness is a lifelong practice you can begin today with this course. There is a new video and exercise for the first 4 days of the week, with day 5 being for catch-up and reflection. Note this is not a course on meditation (we do recommend you start a practice), but rather a series of simple exercises that will increase your level of mindfulness.

While you may not enjoy or gain benefit from each exercise, with 12 different exercises we are confident that you will find significant benefit in taking the course.

Week 1 – Quietening the noise and negative framing – is about reducing the excessive stimulus to enable you to feel less overwhelmed and calmer.

Week 2 – Becoming more present – the exercises will enable you to train yourself to be more present in the moment.

Week 3 – Linking the conscious to the sub-conscious – allows you to be more focused and successful as you harness the connection.

These exercises are easy to repeat and we recommend either taking the whole course again from time to time, or perhaps “dipping” in to your favourites.

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Module 1Introduction
Lesson 1Intro - Meet Sam
Module 2Week 1 - Quietening the noise and negative framing
Lesson 1Day 1 - Media Fast
Lesson 2Day 2 - Sleep routine
Lesson 3Day 3 - Gratitude Practice
Lesson 4Day 4 - Life of service
Lesson 5Day 5 – Reflect and catch-up
Module 3Week 2 - Becoming more present
Lesson 1Day 1 – The colour exercise
Lesson 2Day 2 – Where am I
Lesson 3Day 3 – Calming unnecessary frustration
Lesson 4Day 4 - The Raisin exercise
Lesson 5Day 5 - Reflect back and catch-up
Module 4Week 3 - Linking the conscious to the subconscious
Lesson 1Day 1 – Starting your “Private University”
Lesson 2Day 2 - Visualisations
Lesson 3Day 3 – The Funeral exercise
Lesson 4Day 4 – Affirmations, celebrations and grounding
Lesson 5Day 5 – Reflect back, catch up and regular practice
Module 5Bonus
Lesson 1Bonus – Choosing a life of fulfilment over gloom
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