The Decca-Challenge – Give the gift of 10 ways to be better

I have been inspired by a group of four friends, all with very different backgrounds. They  have managed to stay in contact, stay connected and challenge each other to be better. This is inspite of living across 3 continents and multiple time zones.

I asked one of the group how it started, he replied with:

“A friend started a conversation with “I have a great idea”. Now, if you know my friend you would also have viewed his statement with great scepticism. I was wrong (I often am). It was a great idea.”

It drives each towards become the best that they can be, not necessarily the best in class. In fact, often not even above average, it takes them out of their comfort zones. In some instances into the elite zone, in others, participation or completion is the far greater prize. It’s called the Decca-Challenge.

How does it work?

The premise is simple. There are 4 friends. Every year each nominates 10 challenges for the other 3. The idea is to give them challenges that inspire them to grow into a better person. Broaden their horizons. Help point out areas where they can improve. It is honest feedback from friends who see through and call out each other’s BS, with their best interest at heart. The positive intent is key.

Once they have received the 30 challenges, they have to choose 10 (with a minimum of 2 from each person). The clock starts and they have one year to complete them. They need to do at least 7, otherwise they owe each of the other 3 a bottle of their favourite whiskey.

Why is it a great idea?

It’s amazing how quickly we build routines, biases and ingrained viewpoints that limit our potential to improve, be better people and embrace change. These challenges aren’t meant to just be challenges to push their limits, they help each of them be a better person. Healthier, more open to change, kinder.

Some examples?

  • Creativity? – Cooking 7 dinnerss in a row  for someone who hadn’t cooked in 10 years.
  • Knowledge – Reading 50 blinks on Blinkest (summarises non-fiction books) for someone who loves to read fiction.
  • Awareness – Not complaining about work for a month – this extended to beyond the month, once the habit was broken. Once the challenge was in place, it created awareness.
  • Special moments – A daddy-daughter date with a manicure and milkshake included – this became a regular thing.

So the challenge for you. Follow the lead of this inspiring group of friends, by gathering some trusted mates and try the Decca-Challenge. Flex the rules as needed  so you can get the most out of it.

It’s a great way to stay in contact, be better, healthier, open to change, kinder.

If you want an easy way to regularly challenge friends, take a look at Jamberjon. Jamberjon includes an idea generator and the ability to nominate challenges for other users.

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