Case Study: Coffee Waste can be used for Mushrooms and Animal feed – I’m throwing away money

Mike shared with me that Coffee Waste Is Now Fetching a 480% Premium Over Coffee Itself. It reminded of the first circular economy case study he showed me.

Twice a day, I make coffee. Pact delivers freshly ground coffee to my door, I then use a V60 filter to create the a delicious aromatic cup of coffee. I put the waste into my Bokashi Bin to minimise my environmental impact. Rather than maximise the value.

I am literally throwing away money. Coffee “waste” is a beautiful input in the circular economy (also known as the blue economy), as only 0.2% of coffee is in the mug. The waste is an ideal substrate for mushrooms.

1kg of coffee used, has generated 500kg of waste (0.2% used). This could be used to generate 500kg of mushrooms and 150kg of feed for chickens. Food, plentiful food. Yet, I dispose of it.

We need to shift from out linear thinking, focusing on one thing at a time. The systems aren’t in place yet, but they are coming and I’m excited to be a part of it.

And this is only the beginning…

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