Case Study: 3 minutes of water for a 10 minute shower – Guilt-free bliss

As I complete my Personal MBA in the Circular Economy, I am exploring and building my inventory of practical ideas that could or have been commercially applied. Ideas that target Circular Systems, Energy, Water, Waste and Wealth – ideas that focus on using the waste of one process as a valuable input for another another.

We heat the water, it spends moments on our bodies, it then goes down the drain. We slap on some soap, that gets immediately washed off, down the drain, more heat, more water…wasted. What a waste.

It is time we questioned the design of everything. In this case looking at a dishwasher or washing machine, lessons can be learnt. They are not exactly the epitome of efficient design, but what is of interest is their rinse, wash, rinse cycle.

Imagine 1 minute rinsing “the worst” off, then take 1 minutes water on repeated for 7 minutes, then 1 minute to rinse off the soap. Saving water, saving electricity. Imagine.

But, there is no need to imagine. It has been done by Hamwells’, with their e-Shower. Brilliant really.

My only problem with it, well, they have designed a premium version, with things like music streaming functionality, all for a reasonable, but top end Eur3,000. I have asked them to create a more budget version, but nothing yet. Perhaps at some stage they will.

Can you think of how this change of thinking can be applied elsewhere?

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