Case Study: The Chicken and the Pig

Chickens and pigs are symbiotic. When you put the chickens alone in isolation and in a small cage, the pigs pick at each other. Of course. So we can off the beak of a chicken and the tail of a pig. Barbaric.

But, put the pig and the chicken together and they give services to each other. The chicken eats the parasites off the pigs. The chicken gets food, the pig gets a facial.

A step further and using a two tier barn, with the bottom floor for the pigs and top floor for the chickens. The pigs become the heat for the chickens. The chickens lay more eggs.

Of course this is against European Legislation. Even though diseases cannot cross species. At least naturally occurring diseases don’t.

A problem with pigs, is that pigs mess everywhere, but you can train a pig in 3 days, as in rural China. It is a simple process, take six pigs, a concrete floor and wooden space for 3 on first night. 3 pigs get rewarded with comfort for messing in the right place. On the next day 4 beds. Then 5. By the last day, you no longer need to clean, you change the life of the worker on a pig farm. The labour cost is significantly dropped.

We artificially pump up the pigs so we can eat them after 6 months. But you need 1 year for the meat to mature to taste good. So we need to add colourant and sugar to taste better. By letting it come to maturity, we have more micro-nutrients. Omega 3 content from 1 year pig is better than a salmon.

Unfortunately we are buying by the kilo, not the nutrition.

• Gunter Pauli Lecture – 1:27:45-1:37:30

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