Business Accelerator: From Idea to Launch

Recently I met up with the superstar who designed my branding. He is new to London and is fighting for his spot in London’s ultra competitive creative graphic design market. With the advent of the digital world, so many people have purchased an Apple Mac and are now a “graphic designer”. So it become difficult to work out who is any good. My designer was supplementing his income by working in the under-paid and perhaps even more competitive Personal Fitness industry. He said to me “you like to start new things, why don’t we start something together.”

I gave it some thought and narrowed it down two ideas:

  1. A Classic Design company – unashamedly premium. If you want a bargain, go to Fiverr. If you want quality, come to us.
  2. A Nutrition Fitness Design company – there are so many new companies entering the nutrion and fitness market. Who better to do their design work, than someone who knows the industry. The perfect niche. The alternative for these companies may be someone who had never seen a Gym in their life or perhaps a personal trainer who had just bought themselves an Apple Mac.

Then I applied my mind some more and realised what he was really asking – “Dave I know how to do the work, I have the expertise, but there is a lot I don’t know about getting it all set up and entering the market.” I then thought about a friend who wants to open a coffee shop and another who wants to take advantage of the D.I.Y. Revolution and open classes for creating knives and swords. I reflected on how I’ve supported my sister in starting her business. I thought about my  learnings along the way in setting up Reaching Aspiration, 3 distinct versions of my website (£100s wasted), then 1,000s of iterations to tweak and refine. The learning curve was massive.

I reflected on how my mates’ have described me at during their Wedding Speeches – Reliable, a rock, responsible, practical. Not exactly sexy, but it was said with love. The short version was, you can rely on him to get stuff done…quickly. I’ve taken (or in the process of) many things from zero to launch in the last few months, they are all at different stages. I’ve also collected a Rolodex of trusted support.

It got me thinking that a lot of people would like to set up something, but find it intimidating and time consuming to start. What’s taken me months to work out, gets quicker with each project I start. So I thought it would be a great option to offer as a service, for people who have the skills and expertise to succeed. They are not trying to create the next Uber (maybe one day?), but want to control their time and income. They realise – time is money and mistakes cost time (Nobody likes having to do things twice). They want support to give them the confidence to go from talking about an idea to actually doing it.

Mostly, I just love starting new things.

So I have started the Business Launch Accelerator.

Initially, I thought of packaging a one-stop-shop, but then realised that everyone has a certain skill set and with support from friends can usually cover a few of the areas needed, so I have left it highly customisable. By using the Business Launch Accelerator people can focus on developing the product or service and marketing their brand (and crucially marketing themselves!). We can then support turning their idea into something tangible, provide accountability and structure. A coach, a cheerleader and/or to do some heavy lifting, whatever is needed.

WANTED – Aspirational people with the skills to run their own business and need support to launch

Business Launch Accelerator

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