Three Mental Models to spend (waste) less – Frugalism, Minimalism and Valuism

I started Project FIRE40 with an ambitious goal of going from unsecured (lifestyle) debt to financially independent in a rapid four years. It’s ambitious and I think realistically, I’ll miss by a year, perhaps two. Which will still be a…

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A simple three part Financial Plan Checklist for South Africans starting their road to Financial Independence

This plan for someone starting out there journey towards financial well-being. It is for someone with at least a decade to go until their planned retirement, preferably more. If done well, 10-15 years is enough for many to become financially…

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How I talked myself out of spending R150k (£17k) – Pay per use, annualise the cost and other spending mental models

I regularly catch myself rationalising spending on things I don’t get value out of. With value being highly subjective to the individual and the circumstances, it can be difficult to compare spending on apples with spending on insurance, which is…

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