Can we blame the media, the internet, the politicians and the corporates?

We are quick to blame others, if they didn’t, we wouldn’t. But we are able to make our own decisions, we decide where our attention should lie, we are easily distracted and influenced.

Where is my attention?

The media only feeds where my attention goes. It may not be innocent, but can we blame the sweet shop for selling sweets, when the health store is next door?

The internet is vast, it is a medium. Like a stick can be used to beat someone or as a walking aid.

The politicians are (mostly) elected, it is the apathy of the masses, remaining ill informed, disengaged that is the problem. If we can’t be bothered to make an informed vote, then who is to blame? Even those that vote, often treat it more like a football team they support than someone to run the country.

Corporates are powerful, but also fictional. A myth. Take away the people working there, take away the people consuming the output, there is nothing, there is no power. We vote with our decisions.

Conscious attention

Learning, a subset of change, requires personal reflection. I know that time is my most valuable resource and attention is the currency I value it in. So I need to protect it more. It is the job of marketing to ruin where I pay attention, to break through my attention filters.

I can blame external factors or I can first manage the one thing I have influence over, if not full control, my thoughts. This is a big challenge, so I start by focusing on the stimulus I am exposing myself to. I want to be outraged when my attention strays. Be outraged at my apathy. Be content with less. Only then once I am blameless, or at least blame less, should I focus on others.

This is all very philosophical, but true or at least my favoured philosophy is not abstract, it is practical, it allows me to live a more joyful life.

Things I have done:

  1. Taken a media fast – ten minutes a day for a week (Something to be repeated from time to time).
  2. Taken control back from my phone (a constant battle).
  3. Social Media – They need to make money, a certain % will be adverts, I like/subscribe so it is at least the ones I want. My feed is full of circular economy posts and other more positive stimulus.
  4. Look for deeper understanding
  5. Develop principles and values as a framework for making decisions (still a WIP).
  6. Practice Mindfulness

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