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“Most people over plan a day and under-plan a year.” – Kelly Ritchie

Think weight-watchers for career & life goals – Get ready for the best year of your life!

Why goals are so hard to achieve:

  • The “Why” is not clear enough or the goals are not aspirational enough to motivate
  • Accountability & structures are not in place to succeed
  • A perfect record is targeted – People don’t factor in failure so one “slip-up” and they reset to their starting point
  • ​Looking for quick fixes rather than the utilising the compound effect of sustained good habits & routines replacing bad ones
  • Focus on the outcome rather than the process, input and transformation to Celebrate the true success

The Solution:

  • We start with the “Why “and then set achievable aspirational goals identifying the habits and actions needed to achieve them
  • We provide the simple accountability & structure with trackers in place (what gets measured gets done)
  • By utilising a combination of 3 week sprints (per month) and 5 days tracking (per week) we factor in failure allowing for the normal peaks and troughs in life
  • ​This is not a quick fix, it leverages the powerful compound effect of sustained habits and commitment over time. Simply, bad habits are replaced with good habits over time.
  • The compounded effect on one area of your life will have a knock on effect on other areas. We take a holistic approach to accessing success, focus on the process and inputs, while tracking the outcome AND CELEBRATE the true successes.

We use an holistic approach across the four core pillars of:

  • Wealth – ​Career, Business, Finances and Job
  • Individual – Internal focus on Personal Development
  • Social – External focus on relationships and network
  • Health – Fitness and Diet

The coaching will be tailored to you, with all members of the programme held to the following principles:

  • Commit to planning & preparation for activities
  • Set long term specific goals and priorities (max 3 at a time) which are verbalised and visualised to internalise
  • Prioritise process in the short term and goals in the long term
  • Entrench good habits to replace bad habits (reducing decision fatigue)
  • Aim to be “successful failures” (e.g. go for £4m and fail with £2m, rather than £100k and succeed with £120k)

Three clear stages as you progress:


First month – To ensure you know your why and how

First month & annual review

  • First session is to clarify your why
  • Second session is to define goals and priorities
  • Third Session – create strategy and focus plan
  • Onboard Pack
  • Progress to “Focus” stage once you are clear on your “Why” and priorities

£495 one off


Recommended months 2-4 – Develop and entrench the habits needed to succeed with clear accountability

  • Bi-monthly coaching call
  • Weekly tracker, deadlines, chasers & feedback
  • Progress to “Sustain” once you are comfortable with the rythmn

£295 p.m.


For months 5 -12 – Sustain the habits, prioritisation and focus you have developed

  • Monthly coaching call
  • Weekly tracker, deadlines, chasers & feedback

£148 p.m.

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We are limiting our intake, so we only accept those who are truly committed to fundamentally changing their life, if you are not sure if that’s you yet, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have:

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    Frequently asked questions:


    • 5 Minute Journal
    • Code of Honour – Principles
    • A6 Moleskin Notebook


    • “Why” worksheet
    • Prioritisation, planning & worksheet
    • Planner and tracker

    Each month will be different, depending on your short and long term goals, but will look something like this:

    • Beginning of the month: One goal or priority from three pillars (aligned to achieving your long term goals), then identify actions, challenges and habits you need to achieve these goals. This is shared with your accountability coach or partner.
    • Beginning of month: Complete your timetable – which three weeks you will track, when you will schedule your calls and so on.
    • Each (targeted) week: Submit your tracker
    • Each month: Have one call with your accountability coach

    No problem at all. We understand that people are motivated differently. If you feel you are disciplined enough to achieve your aspirations without the structure, then we’ll happily cancel your membership and refund 100% of your current month.

    We don’t believe in manipulating people through priming and anchoring. All this is worth £1,995 – but because you are special (like everyone else) you get it for £345. Instead we prefer to be transparent.

    If you think it’s too cheap – We are happy for you to pay more.

    If you think it’s expensive – Time is valuable, your’s and ours. Let’s not waste it.

    If you really can’t afford it, please get in touch, we can make a plan. Perhaps shorter sessions or e-mail access.

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