Dear Mandy, Love Amanda – From me at 33 to me at 23

Dear Mandy, Love Amanda - From me at 33 to me at 23

Dear Mandy,

The last decade has been…fun, enlightening, hard, good… 10 years is a long time, a lot has happened, it has also gone by very quickly. There were lots of things you could have done better, but also loads of things you will did right and I thank you for both, because I have learnt from both.

It was a balance between what you knew was right and what you felt was right. On reflection, for you (perhaps everyone?) it was better to go against conventional wisdom for “big” decisions and embrace it for the multitude of “small”  decisions. Both can, and will be over time, life changing.

So well done on…

  • Ignoring Mum’s advice about leaving University to find a job. You stayed to earn a Masters in Mathematical Statistics. You ignored her and ended up with a degree that gave you the edge over your competitors for the amazing jobs you snagged after graduating.

  • Putting money into a high interest earning account every month. This money has grown into a lovely nest egg for the family.

  • Applying for scholarships you didn’t think you could get. You got them, and they covered all your fees and expenses throughout your Masters.

  • Your scuba certification. This will lead to having incredible adventures around the world. It’s something you always wanted since you were 7 – so well done on getting off your ass and pursuing your passion

Things you could have done better…

  • Stop dating men that make you feel bad about yourself. In fact, stop dating all together. Spend that time doing sport, playing an instrument, nurturing the relationships you have with your friends, and making more friends. Worry about dating later.

  • Excel at a sport. Get fit.

  • Go to a doctor and get your iron levels checked. Seriously… 2 hour afternoon naps every day is not normal. Also get different opinions on common allergy treatment, find what works for you. The absence of sickness is not health.

  • Drink A LOT more water. It’ll make you feel much better. Seriously.

  • Eat healthier food. More fruit and vegetables. It’s not rocket science.

  • Pay more to live somewhere you feel safe. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind.

  • Take photos more frequently, note, not more photos. The goal is to remember the moment, not miss it.


With Love,


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