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The Markets are Mad – Time for a Fundamental Strategy change

I have been on a simple path to wealth. But with the markets going mad, I’ve done the biggest revision of my investment philosophy in 10 years (when I decided to get one). I’ve decided on a broadly diversified asset…

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Good habits, bad choices – A secret to more happiness

I had a Castle Lite lager this evening. It was spectacular. I had been holding on to the last of my beers, as alcohol sales have been banned in South Africa for over a month. It’s fascinating to think how…

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Planning to Emigrate from SA in the next 5-10yrs – you should probably max your RA contributions

Tax can be complicated and it changes. I am not a tax expert either, so I have no idea if the tax interpretation is accurate. I do like financial models and I’m pretty good at them (of course they can…

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Science Questions, So I can Trust

It is necessary to question. It’s also necessary to trust. Science is designed to be refined over time. It sets up questions, that can get refuted. Something, that can be proved wrong. The scientific method is the process of making…

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Interview on the Warrior Tribe - with Dylan Murray

My Book – Who Let Me Adult:

Change your future with my book

This is the ultimate guide book for those entering the working world. Who Let Me Adult? covers the topics that the education system didn’t teach you – such as the low-down on how to get the right job, how to make and grow your money, and how to find happiness.

Sections include: •Finding a Sense of Purpose •Accumulating Financial Wealth •Targeting Career Success

Other Initiatives I’m involved in:

Virtual Reality Scans & 360 Videos
Ethical Impact Investing Hub through Quality Abundance
Circular Economy Job Board - Matching talent with the opportunity

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