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Building a Property Portfolio in South Africa – Personal Tax, Endowment or PTY?

I generally subscribe to the Simple Path to Wealth. My strategy is generally equity based, with the highest likely return over time. The over time being crucial, it is no where near as consistent in terms of cash flow. In…

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Contribute more to a Retirement Annuity or go Offshore and pay CGT? – Why a South African RA isn’t for me on my journey to FIRE

I started this post with the intention of explaining why an RA isn’t for me. I’ve been skeptical for a while now that it’s advantages outweigh the constraints for disciplined investor. So, I built a model to prove my point.…

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eToro – Is this the Cheapest Option for South Africans to Invest Offshore? – With zero caveats

If you find Easy Equities options too limiting and Interactive Brokers way too complicated – then eToro could be just what you are looking for. I signed up in about 10 minutes, it would have been 5, but I spent…

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Interactive Brokers – The world’s best online broker – is now available to South Africans – With two key caveats

Sign up link to Interactive Broker (If you decide to sign-up, please use my referral link to support this blog and my journey)  I’ll start with the two key caveats, to save you time. You need to be able to declare…

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Interview on the Warrior Tribe - with Dylan Murray

My Book – Who Let Me Adult:

Change your future with my book

This is the ultimate guide book for those entering the working world. Who Let Me Adult? covers the topics that the education system didn’t teach you – such as the low-down on how to get the right job, how to make and grow your money, and how to find happiness.

Sections include: •Finding a Sense of Purpose •Accumulating Financial Wealth •Targeting Career Success

Other Initiatives I’m involved in:

Virtual Reality Scans & 360 Videos
Ethical Impact Investing Hub through Quality Abundance
Circular Economy Job Board - Matching talent with the opportunity

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