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Join me on my journey as I discover real world practical ideas to find my purpose, grow my wealth and achieve success.

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More good or less bad decisions? – To make an impact on your life

Is it the good decisions we make or the bad ones we avoid that make the difference? I am sure it’s both, like LxB to find the area of a rectangle. But which is the bigger one? Losing weight, it’s…

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A new type of rich – Q&A with Dylan Murray – Life Coach

“The New Rich (NR) are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility.” – Tim Ferriss I am fascinated by people who take the Third…

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When Darren Challenged me to – Stop The “Side Hustle” Insanity

The Side Hustle is potentially a great thing, but it has become re-branded and distorted over time. My go-to Digital Mentor for productivity is Darren Hardy, every morning he sends a free 2-5 minute video called Darren Daily (sign-up here,…

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The 3Rs when it’s getting too much – Reflect, Reset & Refocus

I love starting new projects, I hold an ambition that my side hustles will grow to be my thing, but the projects are more than that, they are a way I develop new skills and decompress. They are a positive…

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Interview on the Warrior Tribe - with Dylan Murray

My Book – Who Let Me Adult:

Change your future with my book – As featured on James Miller | Lifeology

This is the ultimate guide book for those entering the working world. Who Let Me Adult? covers the topics that the education system didn’t teach you – such as the low-down on how to get the right job, how to make and grow your money, and how to find happiness.

Sections include: •Finding a Sense of Purpose •Accumulating Financial Wealth •Targeting Career Success

Other Initiatives I’m involved in:

Circular Economy Job Board - Matching talent with the opportunity
Virtual Reality Scans & 360 Videos
Ethical Impact Investing Hub through Quality Abundance
Kid Castle - Placing English Language Speakers as teachers in China

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